Pitchford Produce awarded EnviroVeg Platinum Accreditation

Pitchford Produce has become the 1st grower in South Australia to become accredited with EnviroVeg Platinum Status, promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly growing practises.

This environmental sustainability includes:

  • Maintaining ongoing soil improvement
  • Minimising chemical usage
  • Incorporating vegetable waste into the soil (increasing soli carbon)
  • Using a fertiliser programme that includes composted animal manure
  • Maximising responsible water use
  • ... and most importantly continuing our care for the environment

EnviroVeg is a voluntary program that assists growers to identify the farming practices that affect the environment and suggests practices that may be more beneficial to production, profitability and the surrounding environment.

EnviroVeg is a tool that allows growers to demonstrate that they are environmentally responsible managers, and can be as simple as scheduling irrigation according to weather or soil moisture, following crop rotation programs or planting windbreaks.

The benefits of the program for growers include: easy integration into existing farm management strategies and food safety programs, enhanced environmental credibility of individual growers and the vegetable industry more broadly, access to resources including the EnviroVeg manual, www.enviroveg.com, and assistance through the AUSVEG Environment Coordinator.

Pitchford Produce Environmental Policy (January 2014)

We hereby commit to ensuring the protection of the environment in all business activities & ongoing continuous improvement of our practices.

As a ‘Platinum’ member of EnviroVeg, we commit to the criteria & principles of environmental best practice outlined in the Program & will continue to place environmental management as an issue of vital importance within our business.

Business Environmental Goals

  • We will ensure the safety of the environment in all of our activities.
  • We will actively work to reduce the use of inputs per hectare & increase efficiency across our operations.

To achieve these results we will:

  • Adhere to the principles & operating criteria of the EnviroVeg Stewardship Program.
  • Regularly monitor all environmental aspects of our business.
  • Monitor changes in legislation & abide by all environmental legal responsibilities within our business.
  • Evaluate & reduce the amount of potentially harmful inputs used throughout the production, packing & processing process.
  • Develop environmental management procedures & systems within our business to ensure protection of natural assets.

We will actively promote the importance of environmental management to ensure:

  • that all employees (including contractors) are aware of this environmental policy, rules & procedures & are motivated to apply it;
  • that staff receive adequate training in environmental management commensurate with their job description;
  • that employees are aware of their responsibilities in environmental management.

Our key achievements:

  • Comprehensive crop nutrition program which minimises use of inputs such as fertiliser in field crops.
  • Implementation of drip irrigation to improve crop nutrition & save water.
  • Installation of Delta water conditioner unit to improve water quality.
  • Implementation of the EnviroVeg Platinum environmental management scheme on-farm.
  • Re-establishment of native vegetation

Our goals for the future:

  • Ongoing implementation of EnviroVeg Platinum system.
  • Monitoring & reducing carbon footprint of the business.
  • Sustainably expand the business to accommodate future demand & better serve markets with a more efficient cold chain.
  • Nurture key natural vegetation areas